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Strinos Developer

Let's work smarter.  Let's work together.

SDN Overvew

The Strinos Developer Network (SDN) is a method for developers to integrate and link their applications to Strinos.  By joining this program, you will receive all “hooks” necessary to test your applications integration & connection.  Following our approval, you will then have the option to market your apps to our client base.

For third-party developers, Strinos routinely purchases applications that are developed specifically for Strinos and can be directly integrated within our core operations modules.  An example of such an application can be seen in our Dashboard module.  A member of our SDN created a "plug-in" for a revenue manager which was able to be layered within our program.  Strinos chose to offer an out-right purchase price for this feature.


When joining the SDN, you will receive the following benefits & resources:

A 1-year developer license for Strinos. You will not need to purchase a standard license to test your applications.

Become a preferred Strinos vendor in which our team will recommend and list your applications via website, digital marketing, etc..

Access to the Strinos client base to market your application(s).

Current, up-to-date documentation of added features.

Opportunity for Strinos to purchase your developed application at a 1-time fee.

Opportunity to receive contracted software development projects. (Not guaranteed nor required)

Monthly Strinos build updates.


Depending on your selected purchase option, a 1-year SDN membership costs $2995 or 20% of revenues generated by our Strinos clients.  You will receive the list of benefits to the left in addition to the possibility of receiving outsourced, contracted development projects, application purchase opportunities, and the ability to create custom, user-friendly applications for your business.  Let’s work together to create applications that are powerful, reliable, and make our users more efficient.

25% revenue sharing license
Independent SDN license
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