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Strinos Enterprise

Flexibility.  Control.  Power.  Give your IT team the capability to control every aspect of your Strinos system.

What is Strinos Enterprise?

estrinos enterprise

The Strinos Enterprise purchase option will give your business access to our source-code.  Your team will gain complete access to view, edit, and add tables, forms, reports, VBA code, extensions, queries, etc.  You may re-design, create add-on products, link databases, and customize the smallest details to seamlessly integrate Strinos with your business.  This unparalleled option gives companies the ability build, maintain, and grow Strinos at their own pace and to their exact standards.

Most commonly, IT departments will elect to use Microsoft’s SQL back-end to leverage the highest degree of scalability.  This will allow them to link their data to mobile applications developed in-house or by third-parties.  With our team of developers supporting your organization, you will build a truly powerful infrastructure and a cost that does not constrain your IT budget.

What to expect

What to expect?

You will install and run Strinos on your in-house network while your IT staff manages your systems.  You will have complete control over user security, software updates, and administrator system access.  There is no limit to the number of products, customers, vendors, locations, sales orders, work orders, and inventory activities that you are able to create (only limited by your server(s) capacity).

With a customized payment structure, you will have complete access to Strinos and may use it as the foundation for your IT projects for years to come.  Strinos is pre-configured and only requires basic tailoring to meet your specific demands.  As a result, you will have a fully functional system in weeks rather than months or years.

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