Strinos Consulting Division (SCD)

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The Strinos Consulting Division (SCD) is an experience team that supports both internal and external entities in need of risk, compliance, strategy, and evaluation services across the enterprise environment.  We offer comprehensive due diligence advice and hands-on support in evaluating compliance, quality control, risk management, process planning, organization evaluations, and growth strategy services.  As part of a global consulting division known for detailed client deliverables, we help our clients maximize value and minimize risk.

SCD professionals have extensive experience in assisting participants — from stakeholders of small to medium domestic businesses to large multinational organizations — to address internal/external concerns.


Personalized teams. Global impact.

Our team of experienced consultants serve a diverse range of organizations in multi-industry segments. The Strinos approach is to recruit, leverage, and assemble experts in a range of operations segments to specifically fulfill the needs of the end-client. As a standard, every project will receive the full backing of a Managing Director in which he/she will oversee the assignment with highest level of attention.   

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  • Government Compliance

  • Growth Strategy

  • IIoT Data Connection

  • Production & Process Data Evaluations

  • Risk Mitigation​

  • Audit Services

  • Marketing, Branding, Public Relations

  • Gap and Crisis Management

  • Forecasting/Projections

  • Market-Share Acquisition 

  • Data Investigations & Analysis

  • Project Management

  • Cloud-Base Infrastructure 

  • Policy Development

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