See what Strinos has to offer, we know you'll love it.


Real-time Workflow

With all data being processed in real-time, you will stay on-task and up-to-date on your latest business tasks.

Customized to your Industry

Strinos is designed to mirror your specific business's operations.  Tell us what industry you are in and we'll do the rest! 

Expand your Office

Strinos is built & interfaced within ©Microsoft Office, allowing your team to leverage the power of ©Microsoft Outlook, Excel, and Word.

Designed to Grow

Add modules and capabilities as you grow!  Our order form and per user pricing allows you to add features as your business grows.

Features to help run your business.  Tools to drive growth.

Below are features common across industries.  If you would like to see what Strinos can do for your business, select your industry on our Industries page.


Workflow navigation, user themes.

Let Strinos guide you through your day-to-day tasks with intuitive navigation and overview screens.  For our visual users, select the theme (user specific) that catches your eye!


Find what your looking for.  Fast.

Let Strinos be your personal assistant.  Tell it your most frequent tasks and create items on-the-fly without interrupting your workflow.  During data entry, view, search, and select your records in seconds.  Quick and Wide Lists will give you multiple avenues to find exactly what you are looking for.


Built to track your business.

Whether you would like to track lots, locations, sub-locations, product costing, barcodes, UPC, EID, customer purchases, inventory levels, or vendor details, Strinos has your extensive needs covered.  Not only is the tracking process effortless but the ability to view reports and create meaningful view screens allows our users to confidently make everyday business decisions.

Get started now.

Now is the time to get started.  Let Strinos help manage your business today.


Customized to you fit your needs.

Need a report format or data output that is not pre-loaded?  Create a custom report, payment term, tax, fee, royalty, data field, activity, etc.  Strinos will show and track exactly what you need.

Fields - Forms - Activities

Edit field names, load or save report formatting, and create custom inventory activities  specific to your company or industry.

Pricing - Discounting

Assign products and customer specific pricing / discount levels to be calculate automatically as you add items to a sale.

Locations - Groups - Types

Group vendors, products, and customer with a vast number of customizable sorts.  Tell Strinos your location names, group names, customer types, etc.

Fees - Taxes - Terms - Royalties

Every business needs to comply with different taxes, payment terms, fees, and royalties.  Spend a few minutes to input your details and let Strinos do the rest!


Deliver your documents in seconds.

Send reports and invoices to your recipients as fast as possible using the free ©Microsoft Outlook integration tool.  Email invoices to multiple clients or setup monthly revenue/costing reports for administrators.


Work smart.  Work together.

With real-time processing, simultaneous users can view, enter, and edit information that is guaranteed to be accurate and up-to-date. all with extensive security permission controls.  From system administrator controls to setting up a seasonal sales force, create user profiles to easily adjust a user's settings. From a single user start-up or a multi-brand corporation with a 200+ salesperson network, Strinos has you covered.

Username, password, business unit, and data set protected.  Detailed, form-specific controls to limit user access with complete audit trail features.


  • Keep sales people from seeing cost of items.

  • Limit employee access from viewing company sales and revenue details.

  • Filter user data by brand, business unit, or business location.

  • Create multiple data files for training, live data, previous years data, etc.

  • Monitor when and which data a user can create, edit, delete, and post to history.

  • Create a dealer, grower, and customer network to enable online ordering and order tracking.

Watch Strinos in action.

Every industry, business type, and department requires their own unique set of features.  To setup a personalized demo, click the button below.  Give us a few details about your business and we will reserve a time to give you a 1-on-1 demo once Strinos is fully released!


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