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Strinos ERP is an application built over 30 years of working with you.

We have collectively combined our 35+ years of industry knowledge, experience, educational expertise, and development skills to create a powerful applications that are effortless to learn.  In addition to software applications, our firm offers an array of consulting services ranging from risk/compliance mitigation to branding growth strategy.

Looking towards the future, our philosophy of integrity and speed of services will remain at the forefront of our business model.  If our community has a need, we intend to deliver a solution in a matter of days, not months or years.

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Re-imagine the way businesses rely on an array of vendors for individual tasks.

Does the need to re-evaluate your compliance program lead to the need of a new software application?  We envision a world where businesses are connected and help one another succeed.  An environment where our applications are designed for user efficiency, and our staff available in a minutes notice to provide the highest level of consult.

We have built a community surrounding Strinos, this includes: our staff, our customers, developers, business consultants, and industry professionals.  By combining our visions, solutions, and suggestions, we are able to build an amazing product, company, and support community.

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