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Making life easy.

We believe that innovation and the development of amazing products result from creating a positive, collaborative working environment.  With that said, if you would like to work from home every day and use our remote connect option or would like to play an intense game of Ping-Pong at our headquarters, you make your own schedule.


Small teams. BIG impact.

We operate in full-stack project teams, with engineers, designers, and support gurus working closely together.  Every person should have, and is given, the opportunity to have a dramatic impact on the development and growth of Strinos.



Let's talk money.

We offer competitive compensation packages to full-time employees, contractors, and part-time staff.  We want to make sure you benefit from the amazing products you helped create. 


Want to freelance on the side?  Not a problem!  As long as you are completing your tasks at hand, feel free to spend you free time however you would like.  If that means teaching basketball, programming, or the art of go-cart racing, we encourage it!


Develop yourself and your ideas.

Have a great idea for a product?  Let's conceptualize the idea, generate a beta, and pitch it to our client base!


Work from anywhere, anytime.

Expecting a little one?  Comfortable in your home office?  Want to be part of our exciting growth but do not want to relocate?  This is not your typical 9-5 job.  Make your own hours and get your work done when it is most convenient for you.  If that means playing a round of golf first thing in the morning or an ultimate Frisbee game late afternoon, not a problem (just make sure you invite your co-workers).


Personal impact.

This is the opportunity to build and create something you believe in.  As a small, rapidly growing start-up, you have the opportunity to get your foot in the door early and help grow a business.  Not only will successful performance result in the amazing feeling of personal success, but the monetary possibilities have no ceiling. 


Let's build a culture where we take care of our own and build a product we are proud of.  A culture where constructive conversations are followed by collaborative development.  Let's work hard and have a lot of fun in the process.



Join the team.


Good news travels fast!  All open positions are currently full.

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