Seed Management Software


Managing $2+ billion in seed inventory yearly.

With 30+ year's experience, our software engineers have created one of the most comprehensive, user-friendly Hemp ERP solutions in the world.

Strinos does more than keep you compliant.  Strinos gives you the tools and analytics you need to optimize your operations.  Inventory tracking, purchasing, harvest, cultivation, production, sales, receivables, and CRM features will keep your business focused on the tasks that matter most, 

From Seed to Sale

Manage your entire business life-cycle from "Seed to Sale" using detailed workflows, reporting capabilities, and real-time processing.

Track your business's inventory and operations.

Real-time processing

With real-time processing, inventory levels will be updated with every click of the button.  Accurately view quantities: on-hand, available, in-progress, on-hold, or out-of-stock.





Eliminate user errors and manage your inventory using intelligent produc