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Complete solutions for every industry.

Strinos offers tailored, complete solutions for a number of industries.  Whether you are an individually-run business or are a multi-national, multi-brand corporation, we have a solution specifically for you.

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Industry leader for 30+ years.  Connect your team in real-time from production to sales to receivables.

Purchase - Produce - Package - Sell.  Strinos has you covered every step of the way.

Precise test panel, lot, quality, statistic compliance tracking.  Complete audit trail management.

With quality control as the backbone, track your operation from seed to sale.

Know what you have, what you need, when you need it, and who bought it.

Financial tracking with complete SOX, Audit, and Compliance assurance.

One of our most exciting indstries.  Learn how Strillium serves the coffee & tea industry.

Know precise details such as: what, where, when, and how much.


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The best way to learn about Strinos is to have one of our consultants walk you through our different modules.  We want to give you a chance to tell us exactly how your business operates so we can show you how Strinos can be tailored to meet your specific demands. 


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